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Lauren is an amazing woman who has overcome much through her faith in Jesus Christ. She is a dear friend of mine, and I admire how she views fears and the way she sees beauty. So much to learn from!

Bethany Hamilton, Pro surfer and author of Soul Surfer

I love it! This is a must-read for any young woman who desires confidence and authenticity. I was captivated by the real-life stories and was drawn into a clearer picture of what God truly cares about in each one of us—our heart! Your Beautiful Heart delivers an intimate look at God’s view of true beauty. Readers will definitely grow closer to God through these pages.

Susie Shellenberger, Fulltime speaker and author;

Lauren is an example of how God’s beauty shines best from brokenness. Her courage to share her story, paired with Lisa’s gift of writing, makes this an excellent resource for young women. It is also a great tool for youth leaders who want their students to experience what real beauty is.

Laurie Polich Short, Speaker and author of Finding Faith in the Dark


Get a copy of Your Beautiful Heart and prepare to be changed!  You are about to become breathtakingly beautiful—the never-fading, always-glowing beauty that’s rooted in the truth of God’s love. Lauren’s fresh approach will prove that outer appearance does not define true beauty. It is all about your heart, the person you are on the inside. So get reading! As Lauren’s words and the Holy Spirit work together, your heart will become more beautiful, more loving, more forgiving, more free, more others-focused, more . . . well, just dive in. You’ll see what I mean.

Andrea Stephens, Author and founder of The B.A.B.E. Event: Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant

With grace, authenticity, and depth, Lauren shares her life in Your Beautiful Heart. She is a powerful voice in our culture, confidently leading young women down a path of true beauty and identity that is grounded in our identity in Christ. God is using Lauren in a powerful, culture-shifting way, and her impact on young women is making ripples that will last for generations to come.

Kat Harris, Photographer and founder of The Refined Woman